Big Brown Eyes Looking Out at the World (painted_eyes) wrote in in_my_belly,
Big Brown Eyes Looking Out at the World

26wks 5days

26wks 5days
I got results back from my diabetes screening. Everything is normal except the fact that I am a little anemic. On Friday of last week I went to see my primary because my throat was hurting. The glands in the back of my throat were swelling and I was given 500mg of Amoxicillin. Of couse then my primary calls today to let me know that I am low on iron as well. Does anyone have any suggestions for an iron supplement?
I am starting to notice an increase in acne. I never had an acne problem growing up. If I ever got a zit it was one small one and I wouldn't get one for another few months. All of sudden I have a bumpy chin and one on the side of my nose and forehead. Its pretty depressing. It seems that I am getting bigger and bigger as the days past. I feel bigger than I was a week ago. Also it is obvious I am gaining weight in several places like my arms and thighs.
( Here are some pictures )
More as it develops.
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