Big Brown Eyes Looking Out at the World (painted_eyes) wrote in in_my_belly,
Big Brown Eyes Looking Out at the World

36wks 5days

Its almost here. I can feel every moment pulling me closer and closer to the end of this pregnancy. The last few weeks have been the worst. I feel so uncomftorable lately and I am so eager to have her here. I finished work last Friday so now it is just waiting, waiting for her arrival. I hate being out of work and I am not returning to my previous company so they aren't covering me on insurance... so with that being said I have to take on Cobra Insurance. The price of Cobra insurance is just insane. I am sure that there is something in the maternity leave act that states that they have to cover me no matter what.. but what am I gonna do?? They know I am not coming back, they have that in their defense, and I am just not interested in a battle. In any event that is my newest worry. But like so many others this too will pass.
I am researching the maternity leave laws now... trying to see if their is something that states that they, no matter what, have to cover me for the full 12 weeks. I do understand that I have to send them a check even if they were to cover me. I paid 43 bucks a week before.. now it is almost 80 bucks. I just cant fathom a $320 bill that isn't my car. In any event.. I am getting huge. My weight gain so far is 39lbs. I still haven't gotten any stretch marks on my stomach and I am crossing my fingers that they stays the way it is.
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