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lightening When the fetus descends into the pelvic cavity. In first-time mothers, usually occurs two to four weeks before delivery; women who have already givenbirth usually don't lighten until they begin labor.

Lightening occurs 2-4wks before labor begins?! Well I am starting to think that maybe it has already occured. I don't want to get too excited but all of a sudden I can breath much easier, there is alot of pressure in my pelvis, and I feel like I have to constantly pee. Its something to question! Her movements have increased again. She slowed down a few weeks ago but all of a sudden she is moving, kicking, and what not. I have also noticed movements lower. I use to only feel her movements up towards the top of my stomach or the side when she would kick a little. All of a sudden I can feel them low near where my underwear start. Tell me what you guys think??
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what is that???
Thats when the baby drops into the pelvis for birth.
what is that???
I see, I guess that would be exciting. good luck!!!