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25 wks
Today was hell. I went to the OB to get the gestational diabetes test done.. That drink is disgusting! It made me so nauseous. I drank the drink at 8:50 this morning and called dr. b to let him know that I was drinking it. I got to his office 35 mins later and waited in the room for the hour marker to draw the blood. All of a sudden I got queasy. I started to walk around to calm down. Laid back. didnt work. And that was it.. puke. I throw up all over the examining table. It was sad. Dr. B made me move to another room, got my blood, and brought me white bread with butter to ease my stomach. Than we talked about his baby and how his wife never really saw the kicks or felt anything really like I have.! I found that interesting. I really like my OB. He calls me atleast once every two weeks to see how I am feeling and to let me know what the baby is doing now and make sure that I am happy and what not. I felt really crappy after I threw up. I did come to work though. Well I am getting bigger by the day now. I read somewhere that at 25wks if the baby is born there is a strong chance that the baby would survive. Not that I want her out now but its still cool to know that. My mother was born at 28wks. She was a twin and only weighed a pound and a half.
Well congratulation tylerbaby on your birth!

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