Big Brown Eyes Looking Out at the World (painted_eyes) wrote in in_my_belly,
Big Brown Eyes Looking Out at the World

23, 24wks

23wks... or is it 24???
At the beginning of the pregnancy I always knew the week I was in.. now I seem to forget it. I think that the pregnancy forget thing is setting in now as the 3rd trimester approaches. I always feel baby moving. She kicks, she does flips. I can't wait to embrace her. Now I just rub my belly and sing to her. So far her favorite song... is "Nothing Compares to U" by Sinead O'Connor... Or is that just my favorite to sing to her??? More than likely the 2nd! Either way I feel like I am losing my mind. That and yes I know this may be too much info... but we are all going through it... I am having so much discharge lately that I have to wear a maxi. Its so gross....
phew.. its nice to get that off my chest.

I thought the user pic was clever!!!
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