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22wks 6days

So as I stated clearly before the baby is sooo low. Its getting to be really uncomftorable. I wanted to know when everyone else started their child birth classes??
I havent talked to my OB about it yet. At my next appt I have to take the gestational diabetes test. ooooh yea!! I have the orange drink getting cold in my house as we speak. Thats on May 2nd. I am not really that excited about that at all.
So for almost 23 weeks... we are feeling... cramping in belly, headaches, nose bleeds, UTI, constant urge to urinate.
I am still enjoying the comfort of the 2nd trimester but its also starting to make me really uncomfy. I bought a body pillow which so far is helping to ease my sleeping pains... but other than that its a headache of bad dreams and hard to find comftorable positions. But we will prevail.
The baby names are still in contest. Jade was my number one choice but as the birth comes closer I am thinking more and more about names and how much this will effect my daughter for the rest of her life. I want to give her a good name. So as of now the following are....


I dont know if you guys remember but J's family has this tradition where all the first borns have the same initials.. J.A.M...
I am trying to find an appropriate girl name that will suit the middle name Ana.
If you have any suggestions.. let me know...

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