Big Brown Eyes Looking Out at the World (painted_eyes) wrote in in_my_belly,
Big Brown Eyes Looking Out at the World

9 days Postpartum..

Jade and I are getting along smashingly. She slept in bed with J and I for the first few days but is now sleeping in her bassinet. I can't stop looking at her. I am getting use to sleep deprivation and the constant sucking that is going on to my breasts. She is a busy girl and prefers her mommy over everyone else. Jason and I are trying to maintain normality and romance but after childbirth it really is impossible. Our conversations have gone from endearing to talks of the color, texture, & odor of infant shit. Her embilical stump is starting to get bloody towards the base. When I talked to the pediatrician he said that, that means it is going to be falling off soon. I am still in debate about whether or not it will be saved in her keepsake box. I want to save it because I think that it would be nice for her to have a box of everything from the first weeks of her life. So far in her keepsake box there is her head cap from the hospital, her receiving blanket from the hospital, a balloon from the hospital, and other such things.. It needs more. Most of the other stuff is in her scrapbook.
Thats all my friends.. More when it develops..
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