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Her birth Story!!

Jade was a very easy birth. I checked into the hospital at 6a.m and was delivered before 4:30.

The night before we left, I was restless. I knew I had to be at the hospital at 6:00a.m and I knew that it was going to be the biggest workout of my life, but I couldn't sleep. I kept rearranging her bassinet, her clothes, her diaper bags, I was aiming for higher than perfection. Finally around 2a.m Jason convinced me to lay down and fall asleep. I dreamnt of nothing else all night.. and before I knew it the alarm was ringing to get up. I don't think I ever dressed so fast. I enjoyed a hot shower and looked at myself several times in the mirror, admiring my last day as a full term pregnant woman.

I was ready to leave for the hospital at 5:15 but of course we shouldn't be that early. My mother was there and she too was just as eager. Finally left the house and arrived at the hospital 15 minutes early. When we got there I was immediately brought to room although they didn't hook the pitocin up for a few more hours. I was already 1.5cm dilated and 80% effaced. Once the pitocin started, around 8, I was fine. At the same time they came in and broke my water for me. That was interesting. I always thought that the hook would hurt more than anything but in all actuality it was the doctors hand that hurt most.
The contractions started to come fast and I could notice a difference from the ones that I had been having prior to being in the hospital, these were much more intense. They started coming really quick and I could barely hold my breath.

Jason and I were not alone in the delivery room and I was starting to get frustrated with everyone else. My doctor came and checked on me at around 10a.m and at that point I was 3cm dilated and 90% effaced and contractions were coming at 3 mins apart. My OB suggested that they lower the amount of pitocin they were giving me because my contractions were really strong. At that point they also inserted fetal monitors to the baby's head to better measure the contractions. My OB suggested that I have an epidural. Because of the pitocin, I was looking forward to harder and more painful contractions. I was planning on having a natural childbirth but at this point I was in so much pain that I did want something to take the edge off. I had always heard these horror stories of women waiting hours to get their epidural, but not me. The anethesologist was in my room within 10 minutes and 20 minutes later I was feeling alot better. The epidural didn't take the pain away completely but it made the contractions livable. I was still able to feel them begin and I was still able to move my legs around which is what I really wanted.

The next hour or so flew by. At this point I was checked and was dilated to 5cm. I started to sleep in between contractions and suddenly the contractions were waking me up and starting to get unlivable again. I started to notice alot of pressure on my back. I informed the nurse that the contractions were painful in my thighs and along my lower back instead of my stomach. The nurse said that if there is alot of pain in my back that usually means that the baby is beginning to make her way down the birth canal with that being said she called my doctor to see if he wanted to me to be checked. Since it had only been an hour and a half to two hours since my doctor saw I was at 5cm, he was sure I wasn't fully dilated, so he suggested an increase in the epidural. The anesthesologist came in and up-ed the epidural. Ten minutes later I was still in just as much pain. The nurse said that she was going to check me anyway and sure enough I was at 10 cm and competely effaced. It was time to start pushing. At 2:00 o'clock I began to push small pushes. Jade was in the birth canal but still behind the pelvic bone. Before my doctor would come to the hospital they wanted her to pass the bone. Pushing was intersting. I was trying so hard to not push anything else out and of course that made my pushes inadequate. When I wasn't worried about pushing the other things out no one complained and said that I did great... So after an hour of avoiding that I pushed with all my strength to get her to crown. The nurse noticed that she had hair with one of my good pushes and that gave me energy to see her. Finally I pushed a huge push and I could feel her head crowning. The nurse said to do small pushes while we waited for the doctor to arrive. I practiced pushing for 10 minutes or so and reached down to touch her head as it crowned. When the doctor finally arrived I was eager to get her out. I got a strong contraction and pushed a really big push. I felt her head start to come out but I couldn't get it to her neck. So I stopped and waited for one more contraction. When the next one came I pushed with everything in me and I felt her head come out. I heard the doctor suctioning her and the I pushed a small push and felt her whole body slide from me and be placed on my stomach. I looked down at her and she was blue. She was staring at me and then began to cry and as she cried I started to cry with her. They cleaned her up while she was on my stomach and then brought her to be cleaned more and weighed.

She turned pink immediately and received a 7 on the Apgar at birth and then a 9 five minutes later. When they finally carried her to me to hold I couldn't of been more in love with anything in my life.

She had the drops in her eyes and I noticed how similar her eyes were to my own.

I couldn't stop touching her and I still can't. I breastfeed right away and find that an amazing way to bond with her.

Jason is attached to her already too.
How couldn't he be?? She is so precious.
The first night was rough and so was last night.

She was on an eating schedule of atleast once every 3 hours while we were still at the hospital. I had to wake her up a few times and it was hard to get her back to sleep.
Now that we are home, I couldn't be happier.

She came home and went right to sleep in her bassinet.
I am so happy, I finally have her and I didn't even imagine her to be this wonderful...

Jade Ana Mackey
Born August 11, 2003 at 4:23p.m!
Weighing in at 6lbs 12oz and 19inches long!!
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