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29 weeks
So we have hit the 29wk marker. It has all passed by so quickly. Jade isn't moving as much as before. I guess she is getting cramped up. I still feel her all the time but the movements are not as active as the rest. I have an appt with the specialist tomorrow. Of course I hate that I had to go through all that drama and worrying with her in the 2nd trimester. The amnio, the fear of DS, and everything else we went through. But because we went through that we get to have level 2 sonograms throughout the pregnancy. I have great insurance so my OB has given me 2 already but any of you that have had a level 2 know how amazing they are compared to a regular. I wish I could get a 3D one just to be able to see her face perfectly but we will wait. So tomorrow I see the specialist. I have not seen him since the 21st week. I am eager to see her and how big she has gotten. I hope they give me sonogram photos. I havent gotten any since the 18th week.

Also I am going out of town for Friday the 13th. I am going to Conn. What do you guys think of flying when your 32wks? I am going to contact my OB and see what it is that he thinks.
I have my first tour of the hospital on Saturday. My hospital has a really nice maternity pavilion. Wood Floors & all rooms have an amoire with T.V, sleeper couch, dining room table, and a bassinet for the baby to stay with us. I am quite excited about it. I am having good luck with OBs and hospitals. I hear horror stories about OBs and that makes me quite glad that my OB actually cares (or acts like it)

In any event.
Happy 29wks Jade.
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